RULES 2019

League Chairman: D Cawley  - Tel. 07786 128769
League Vice Chairman: Ian Rampley -  07895 609868
League Secretary/ Treasurer: R. Hare – 07757 084751

  1.  Name
          The League will be known as the Burwell & District Summer Darts League.

2. Entrance Fees
Will be the sum of £35 for each team competing.  Payment to be made to the League Secretary or Treasurer BEFORE the season commences.

3. Qualification for Entrance
All  players must be registered with the league secretary.  Any complaint about eligibility to play must be seconded by a second captain before it can be brought before the committee.

4. Registration
Each Club's Committee representative shall, before the season commences, register his Club's players who will be competing in the League with the League Secretary.  All players registered will be able to play in all League competitions.  No new players to be registered until the third week of the season and then the transferring player may not play for fourteen days after notification to the secretary.

5. Dart Boards
Dart boards shall be regulation clock boards with a centre bull.  The throwing distance shall be a minimum of 7' 91/4 " from the face of the board; measured horizontally, and the height shall be 5' 8" from the floor to the bull.  Players may stand behind the line, but not on the line.  The board must be of a reasonable standard approved by both Captains.

6. Teams
A team shall consist of a minimum of  6 players and a maximum of 12 . Each match shall consist of  6 singles games and 3 pairs.Team captains shall draw 6 singles from the opposing teams available players. Any players name tile not selected in the singles shall remain on the table as they will play in the pairs. The 6 name tiles already picked shall be turned face down again and enough players drawn to make up the number to 6 to play in the pairs. The 6 name tiles can now be turned over to make up the pairs.  A team captain may if he wishes select which of his players plays in the singles.

7. Matches
Each player shall play the opposite number 301 up, best of three legs starting and finishing on a double; except pairs which are 3 legs 501 straight in / double out.  The 'bust back' rule shall apply.  Bull to count as double 25.  Player throwing nearest bull throws first.  The winning team shall be allotted 2 points. The Mens and Ladies pairs competition will be 3 legs 401 , double in / double out.

8. Order of Play
The teams shall play as drawn by the Captains or Vice-Captains and the names of the players displayed.  Any player not present when due to play shall be placed down the list.

9. Reserves
Reserves may be included in each team provided they are registered with the team, and may play if a player or players are not present.

10. Unregistered Players
A team playing any unregistered players in League games shall forfeit all points for each  game in which the unregistered player took part.

11. Transfers
Players may be transferred from one Club to another provided that notice be given to the League Secretary by both Captains and Landlords concerned.  No transfers until the third week of the season and then the transferring player may not play for fourteen days after notification to the secretary.

12. Scoring
The Home Club shall appoint a scorer.  The thrower must ensure that the correct score has been called before he pulls his darts out, and unless the score has been disputed before his next throw, his score on the board will count.

13. Protests
In the event of a protest or dispute in the match, the Captain of the protesting team shall notify the opposing Captain that he intends to lodge a protest.  Both Captains must give detailed accounts to the League Secretary within two days.  In any dispute the result card must be signed by the Captains.

14. Commencement of Games
Teams should meet at 8.15pm so that play may commence at 8.30pm.

15. Result Sheets
Each Captain shall sign the result sheet after the match.  Result sheets must be sent to the League Secretary within two days by the Home Captain; otherwise a £2 fine will be imposed.

16. Decisions
The decision of the League Committee is final in all disputes.

17. Copy of the Rules
           A copy of rules and registered players must be available for opposing Captain.

18. Competitions
            No ladies to play in the mens competitions and vice versa.                              
19         Rearranged matches     
Matches may be rearranged but must be played within 3 weeks or else both teams will forfeit the points. If both captains can arrange a date that is mutually agreeable outside the 3 week window then that is acceptable.             

07757 084751 ON TUESDAY NIGHT

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